City Pag is one of the two towns situated on the Island of Pag, in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is fifth largest Island on the Adriatic Coast. Most of the Island is rocky, and one can notice that is hardly any forest. This was perfect for building the first wind farm on the Island of Pag.
Throughout the history, Pag is also known for producing the salt. City of Pag started to become popular for exploiting the salt. Some writers were mentioning in their books that Pag is well known for its products, including the salt, sage honey, wool and cheese.
The island of Pag has a long tradition of cheese making and agriculture and is the most indented island in the Adriatic, which provides perfect conditions for making cheese.
The main producers of Pag cheese came together to form an association with the aim of obtaining Protected Designation of Origin for Pag cheese.

Pag is also known for its LACE, and it was inscribed in the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Each lace piece is a symbol of the anonymous, modest and self-sacrificing life of its maker. Lace-makers of Pag did their work without any drawings.

There is also something very special about Pag, and it is Pag Triangle, a land formation in the shape of a triangle, located near Novalja, a small town on the Croatian island Pag.
It is believed that it was the site of a UFO landing which heated the rocks to extreme temperatures in the past. This property is unique to the Pag Triangle rocks and is not found in rocks in the surrounding area.
Since its discovery in 1999, it is estimated that the Pag Triangle has been visited by over 500,000 tourists. It is a protected area of the Town of Novalja. Croatian ufologists have linked the existence of the triangle to a series of UFO sightings in late 20th century over the island of Pag.

Pag has become an increasingly popular island to visit. It is considered one of Croatia’s premier party destinations. With a reasonable number of open-air clubs which are also the venue of several summer music festivals, Zrće beach is the perfect place for those who want to party away their holiday.

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